[Gig Review]: Na Aune Haru Kera Khau

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Gig Reviews
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Bands: Hatebook, Jugaa, Binaash
Venue: Aussie Bar (Old G’s Terrace), Thamel
Ticket: Rs. 100

[Photos: Umes Shrestha (KtmROCKS)]

March 12. The weekend had two metal gigs in Kathmandu. First, “Deification of the Saboteur II” that featured some relatively newer bands from the city. And the other – this DIY show with such an awesome title. The decision was easy. And the reason too. Could I be eating a ‘kera’ not being there anyway?

Firstly, it was a super-rare Jugaa concert, who had played two gigs in last three years, and I hadn’t seen them live a single time. Secondly, the other two performing bands were Binaash and Hatebook, both executing ‘my’ kind of music – brutal death metal. Thus, I couldn’t miss this infrequent chance of seeing three of my favorites up on same stage.

Well, to start with, the name itself is an epic win – simple, amusing and to-the-point. The gig was scheduled to commence at 3 PM (3:27 perhaps) but as usual, it was pushed to 5 or something. More or less about a hundred people gathered, and the (mini) hall setup was loose enough that there was no barricade between the bands and the crowd. In a sense, there was no stage at all.

With an immense amount of time consumption, Hatebook were on their gears. For me, they had become a band to watch out for, as they are among the very few groups who play death metal here, in comparison to the mushrooming metalcore devotees. They had recently won the Nepfest All-Nation Music Competition and I was already looking forward to catch them up this time too.

Couple of originals and two covers of “Sphere of Madness” (Decapitated) and “Unleashing the Bloodthirsty” (Cannibal Corpse) were what they had to offer. Navin Pokharel is really growing as one of my favorite vocalists in the scene and he was lively as always – liberating low death growls that perhaps go in the league of The Faceless, fused with some animalistic pig squeals. And about the instrumentations, I could actually feel the technicality in riffing, by figuring out the guitarists’ fingerings. A mixture of old school and technical death metal is their arena.

All in all, they had a decent set that I won’t consider their best but they had pulled it well nonetheless. By the way, it was in their final song when the bass drum was cracked and that had brought another one hour of void.

The delay kept me and my friend converse with an Israeli metalhead who had come upstairs just by hearing the noise from outside. Talked about trekking, Orphaned Land, beers, prices, Abed, Ides of March gig, Jugaa, the army training, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, the Greenday songs on speaker, Iran and couple of other stuffs.

So… After a long wait for another bass drum to arrive and after a super-duper wait of seeing Jugaa live, the band were finally on their set. I have been a fan of Jugaa for quite a long time now. The split and the two EPs – they are probably the only Nepali hardcore band I absolutely dig (may be the only hardcore band in the world I absolutely dig). So without much ado, they totally began slaying. About half a dozen songs from their two EPs and the pit went wet and wild as fuck. The band members were real fun guys – kicking each other at instances and making a joke or two in between, making the ambience all good. Ranav was doing vocals and moshing with the crowd at the same time and that was a moment to behold. That guy is a MONSTER. Overall, great stage persona, hardcore for life, true till death, explosive set.

The last band to play was Binaash – the local death metal powerhouse, initially formed by the ex-members of Ugra Karma, Arachnids, 72 Hrs and Naramurti. It was noticeable why they have this self-named genre of ‘ramailo death metal’. Warm interaction with audiences and cracking jokes here and there is the typical Binaash style, and this time was no different. An even sadistic mosh arose and they did about six (or seven or so) originals.

Another grand stage presence, another set of powerful vocals, the super-aggressive hardcore mosh in the crowd, the brutal semi-technical death metal riffs, super-fast blast beats and a super-talented bassist – that’s Binaash’s death metal. Now all I am waiting for is their upcoming studio full length so that I could scare off some metalcore kids at my backyard.

That was the gig. Awesome day. Awesome evening. Fun was had by all. Hope to catch these guys soon.

– Samyam Shrestha

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