This review is not available. Go listen to your cunnin’ metalcore bands that I love to bash. So that I could take a chillful nap. Wake me after the ’12 apocalypse or something, ya’ll. Cheers!

  1. barca says:

    excellent job!

  2. whateva says:

    fuck uuuuu… (and I’m a cunt).

  3. Pranjal Ghimire says:

    Good review, mate!

  4. wrathchild says:

    rage hybrid suckzz…. bunch of poser emos who dont know how to play metal

    • Awaken!!! says:

      If you don’t like the music, say you don’t like the music, why use such words? I’m not into their type of music, but they’re pretty tight and good band, I must say.

  5. Ashes says:

    i think this review is narrow minded… the dude obviously likes death metal and only that and his review is based on what he feels is good… he has cleverly insulted lots of bands and people and praised what he feels right !!

    • Awaken!!! says:

      Dude, yes, it’s true that I’m more into death metal and stuffs, but I don’t think there has been any ‘clever’ insult to any of other bands. It’s clearly disclaimed above. In the gig too, I didn’t concentrate on the bands who played metalcore, because I don’t find them interesting at all, and it’s my personal decision that I chose not to see them, and thus I cannot write anything more on them in review too. I may be narrow-minded to you, but this is my blog and I portray my own viewpoints here. You may not agree with me, no problem. There could be hundreds of viewpoints; everyone’s got his own story after all. I still respect your opinion, but by saying that I’m wrong won’t change my mind on anything. Cheers!

      • Awaken!!! says:

        …and yeah, you shouldn’t question my narrow-mindedness through this review alone, I ‘loved’ White. Also, if you don’t like some form of music, and in a gig, if you’re offered the very style again and again, you obviously would feel fucked up.

      • Vr_l says:

        everybody’s got his own taste and choice.. and i also know many friends who dont like metalcore.. but again, i dont find any insult in this review, and i think he is trying to put his thoughts only there.

  6. hear 4 Israël says:

    Brilliant job bro!
    Youre the man of the words!

  7. Vr_l says:

    Brilliant review. i wud again want to be in a white’s performance someday. long live ktmrocks..

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