Download: Cruentus’ Full Length “Asantusta Aatma”

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Recommended Free Downloads (Nepali Bands/Artists)
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Alright, I guess it’s time for another recommendation of a Nepali band, and it’s Cruentus right here. If you want some fierceful thrashy black metal with a VICIOUS drumming, check out this LP called “Asantusta Aatma” by the band, which also offers a slight touch of death metal. I learned this album was never released physically but only through the internet. And let me tell you this – Cruentus were the mightiest band in Kathmandu at their time, too bad they’re now disbanded.

“Asantusta Aatma” (Full Length, 2005): Download

Check them out in Soundclick:

  1. EvilSchemer says:

    ” I learned this album was never released physically but only through the internet.”

    Not true. I know because I bought one off Ryan who played bass on AA. The album cover stirred up a fair bit of controversy at that time as well because the designer apparently used someone else’s artwork and failed to credit the person.

  2. umes says:

    Yeah, it was released.. 200 copies I guess. And, that album art controversy was epic. I still have the mails from that guy threatening to sue the band and even ktmROCKS. Lol !

  3. Dreamer says:

    Hey, I just wanted to know that how can we add mp3 to blogpost and let it download for free. Music produced by self having no copywrite issue. It would be great help. Please let me know on

  4. Karan Thapa says:

    I have heard Cruentus quite a lot of time……….They are fucking awesome, but the sound quality isn’t that great. As far as the Drumming is concerned, I reckon they still lack behind some of the other Greats like Antim Grahan, Gothica………….If they are to tighten their screws at the International arena, they should work on the sound quality………!!!!

    • Awaken!!! says:

      I agree with your thought on their sound quality. But about the drumming, are you nuts, bro? Alan is undoubtedly the best metal drummer the Nepali metal scene has had. And Gothica? Really? Bwahaha.

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