[Album Review]: Agathocles’ “Thanks for Your Hostility” (Full Length, 1996)

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Album Reviews
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So I was listening to this very album for a couple of days now, staying out the whole blogging business, and I must say it’s still kicking my arse constantly. I still am tuning on this one while writing the review, and I tend to keep this short for now.

Agathocles. I hadn’t heard this name from Belgium before, until one of my friend gave me “Thanks for Your Hostility” quite a time ago. I had completely ignored it for some reason for sometime and am just focusing it lately. And man… BANG!!! Why did I let it off my consideration for so long? So while I could see the band having released too many records in their lifespan, this one’s the only I’ve heard and from this, I could say this is a more punk sounding, less death-metallic grindcore, although there is a healthy blend of both. What had given me this feeling is the use of a more punk-leaning drumming, which quite often transform into really controlled blast beats here and there.

The riffs are very solid, and the music overall is real fun (grindcore = fun anyway) which offers a somewhat fuckin’ old school vibe. The production is a bit muddy, but it’s just brutal and suiting this way, with highly low tuned guitars and the vocals that employ both low note death growls, frequent high note screams and clean punk rock shouts as well. The songs lengths average one and half or two minute mark and it’s cool as well, typically grindcore. I love short length songs anyway.

All the tracks are distinct to some tiny degree, ranging from ultra-fast-paced tracks to slow sludgy/doomy ones, and all are cool to go through, but again, my picks would be…

“My Reason”

So overall it’s a pretty enjoyable record. Highly recommended for any grind fan.


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