[Concert Review]: Metal Mayhem IV (Headlined by Napalm Death)

Posted: March 18, 2012 in Gig Reviews

Venue: Jawalakhel Ground, Lalitpur, Nepal
Date and Time: March 17, 2012, 2 PM onwards
Ticket: Rs. 800/1,000

Lemme have it short:

2 Point 4 Three (Darjeeling) were terrible.

Narsamhaar (Pokhara) were good and showed a lot of potentials with their tight performance.

Binaash (Kathmandu) were sick as always. They had played with ‘stockings’/masks on, haha! The best performance among the opening acts.

Grimmotal (Mumbai) were cool guys, but gave a boring set.

Arsames (Iran) were okay, but not as per what I had anticipated.

And the highlight of the day, Napalm Death (UK), the legends, just tore the stage apart. It was a privilege seeing them right in my hometown, and it was a pity that the police had to stop the show right in middle of their set after they threw 7-10 songs (I suck at giving the numbers), due to ‘security reasons’. Their set was mixture of both new and old songs, and they also played the shortest song in the world. I broke my glasses while moshing in “Scum”. Darn!!!

The crowd? Nearly one thousand, contrary to about 4K in the Vader gig, which was expected, due to the heavy ticket pricing. The overall management of the gig sucked, but kudos to the organisers for bringing ND to the town. It was announced that the next edition of the concert will be headlined by Sepultura in October.

So here goes my very brief review of the gig yesterday. Cheers!

  1. Hill says:

    4k in Vader gig? i don’t think so. It was only around 1500-2000.

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