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Alright folks, those of you who haven’t heard their name, Scarab’s an Egyptian death metal band and they’ve got some damn original shit right here. “Blinding the Masses”, the band’s second studio album after 2007’s “Valley of the Sandwalkers”, offers death metal that caresses a tad of old school sound that’s mixed with the ever awe-inspiring inclusion of Egyptian folk touch as well. Not too much like Nile though – not as ambient and obviously not as brutal and technical as them, but it could rather reminisce my times with Amongst the Catacombs… record though.

The production is muddily thick here and which beautifully suits the whole aura. As mentioned, there’s a tough presence of Egyptian/middle-eastern flavor and that has made the whole difference in style. Few chugging, few groove oriented segments, slow doomy marks and few thrash leaning riffing – the guitars on the whole have come up with some thorough fascinating appearance in the album.

The flow of songs seems to be in ease and with absolute precision, and moreover the songwriting is pretty brilliant. A couple of melodic lead solos here and there come as spice and a few more short synth-laden parts are just there to aid the ambience – not cheesy in anyway though (think of “Ramses Bringer of War”).

The drumming is cool – fierce double pedaling right there, and it isn’t any blast beat worship too, perhaps going towards Pete Sandoval’s line. But one thing that the production slips in is with the snares’ sound which is a bit grubby if you ask me. It could have been made a bit louder in the mix. What is more interesting though, are the powerful growls of Sayed, which have delightfully headed the whole sound – deep and devastating. Think of Benediction (England).

Thus to sum up, this is a bold testimony of what the band’s competent of. A striking enough LP that is original to a point you would definitely not feel like you’ve heard it dozens of times before already (that’s what it’s like with modern death metal I guess?). So I’m keeping my eye on this band in days to come, I’m sure these guys are to offer a lot lovely pieces as this.