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Fleshgod Apocalypse. By the time I was chuckling at this name, I had already been intrigued by the talks going on the internet about the Italian band gathering together the brutality of death metal and the artistic splendor of classical symphonies (as I am also an admirer of western classical music), but little had I imagined that it would be something entirely different from sounding like another Lykathea Aflame (which I haven’t been able to dig into easily in months).

Okay here’s what happened: “Oracles” was the first album of theirs that reached me. The first 30 seconds or so had slightly treated me a wtf! – a pile of guitars had provided me the metalcore/groove metal sensation, and I was starting thinking of some Beneath the Massacre technical DM already, and the altered state gave me some grindcorish impression (fuck me for this one – I was really thinking of Misery Index when the second riff was introduced).

And suddenly, what I was offered was something totally different I could envisage from the band’s freaky name and the gay 30 seconds – the skull-crushing death metal, technical in a mean that it was straight-forward in the speed of X-43. Delectable riffing, splendid skin slamming and all sorts of bizarre yet spicy twists thrown in (the solos, the classical singings, the beat flipping and all those wild stuffs, you know), every vile ingredient to make a splendid DM album, still embracing utmost originality, and a whole lot of epic feel lurking around to mark them THE Roman Behemoth, to speak, haha.

The most interesting aspect >>> the amalgamation of keyboards. This, on the whole hadn’t made it any cheesy, but it was just there to form a separate part in itself, and I couldn’t applause less on how well these parts were fit in amid the viciousness of death metal, while the nay-sayers of keys in brutal DM could also be convinced there, as keyboards were only plaguing once in a while.

The album was on the list of my best finds of the year, and just after sometime, I learned their second album had released already – an EP this time, called “Mafia” and the album art…

…got an instant wow from my side. Upon listening, I could sense that the intensity has just increased in this record. I totally tended to focus on the strength of the drums, which have now magnified its might, the guitars that have offered being rather as a derivative of Hate Eternal style, and the overall music which is twice as headbangable as it was in “Oracles”. But alongside, the song structures employing more of the verse–chorus–verse formula and a little bit sloppy arrangements were the things to dissatisfy.

Three originals, a cover and a title-track classical piece was the album. Slightly not as up to the debut, but surely has some highs to it, so as to be liked or owned.


Fleshgod Apocalypse is one of the most recommended bands by me. They are one of the recent brutal/technical death metal powerhouses to watch out for. And as for the technicality aspect, the music authentically goes in the league of Hate Eternal, Nile or company that may make you think for a while that Necrofaggot are real pussies if you’re counting a real technical extreme music with senses. Just mind the fucking velocity!!!

Here is a more detailed info of the band.

You may catch Fleshgod Apocalypse in their Myspace or Facebook as well.

– Samyam Shrestha